Gray Noise Music

Jody Gray

Judy Collins recording STARS IN MY EYES, the theme from the upcoming feature film, Drawing Home. Co-Written By Jody Gray, Grammy Winner Don Rollins and Steve Walsh.

Judy Collins

Producer Allan Neuwirth, Kate Mulgrew, Kristin Griffith, Wallace Shawn, Judy Collins, Jody Gray and Producer Margarethe Baillou —


Co-Producer and Co-Writer, Jody Gray in Italy (November 2014) recording the new KLOGR EP at Zetafactory in Carpi.
Production on the full length album will begin in Spring/Summer of 2015.

Roberto Priori

KLOGR’S Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli, vocals and guitar (November 2014) with Engineer/Co-Producer Roberto Priori.



Danger Zone

With Danger Zone in Bologna. Pre-production for the new album will begin in 2015.