By the age of eight, the boy (Jody) had memorized the songs to The Wizard of Oz.
"I distinctly remember being sucked in by the tunefulness of the music, the perfect sound of the words and the memorable orchestrations, and trying to plunk theme snippets out on the piano."



As composer, orchestrator and conductor for "The Chuck Jones Show," Gray incorporated various members of both the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Opera as well as a yodeler, banjo and accordion players, analog synths and techo-flavored loops.



Jody Gray does not differentiate work from play; he LOVES what he does.



"I just want to be the best musician possible, and still sleep occasionally."


 Jody Gray Bio

Jody Gray's talents as a songwriter, composer, producer, musical director and arranger have served such disparate artists as the late Ray Charles, Grace Jones, Al Franken and Air America, Grammy winning, vocal group; New York Voices, New Orleans legend, Dr. John, Ute Lemper, David Chesky and Tony-Award winning vocalist Lillias White, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Bobbie Eakes and Women of the Calabash. He has worked with many major Asian artists, including Shonen Knife and Loudness and has co-written several, multi-platinum hits in the Pacific Rim.

Moving easily among genres, Gray has composed score and song for such feature films as Clifford's Really Big Movie (Warner Bros.), Arthur's Missing Pal (Lion's Gate), the documentary features, Death By Hanging: A Family's Pledge Of Allegiance (HBO) and in 2011: What’s the Name Of the Dame?, as well as major Sports themes for CBS and Fox. He has contributed music to a host of TV series including; Sex and the City, Ed, Sesame Street and the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and has begun composing for video games with the release of the Cartoon Network Racing Game for Playstation/Nintendo DS platforms.

TV scores and songs include John R. Dilworth's award-winning animated shorts Noodles and Nedd (Sesame Workshop), and 104 episodes of the cult, hit animated series Courage the Cowardly Dog, with long time collaborator, Andy Ezrin. Gray also created Original Music for 52 Looney Tunes shorts (Warner Bros Online) and for the Cartoon Network anthology series The Chuck Jones Show, which incorporated members of the New York Philharmonic, The New York City Opera as well as techno-loops, analog synths, banjo and, of course, a yodeler.