Noodles & Nedd

These popular Sesame Street animated segments are based upon characters introduced in John R. Dilworth¹s award winning shorts: "Noodles & Nedd" (1996) and "Catch Of the Day" (1999).

Composers Jody Gray and Andy Ezrin have created a giddy, musical pastiche of jazz, lounge, Afro-Cuban, electronic bachelor pad muzak and Americana fusion for both the shorts and the Sesame Workshop segments. The hip, tune- drenched signature sound is miles above most contemporary children's fare.

Currently, there are nine, Sesame Street shorts in circulation: "Model Wing," "Shadow Time," "One Chilly Night," "Bang Bang Squeak Squeak," "Leaf It To Noodles," "No Littering," "Making the Bed," "Feeding Time," and "Two Left Feet."

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