HBO "American Undercover: Death By Hanging"

"In Hampton Virginia, a small town in the South, Antwan Sedgewick a twenty year old African American, celebrated O. J. Simpson's acquittal with his friends. At 4:10AM he was found by a police officer, hanging by the neck on the grounds of the Hampton Coliseum.

The police ruled the death a suicide.

Antwan's family and friend's believe it was a homicide."

This harrowing, HBO produced documentary feature showcases some of the boldest and most powerful music in Jody Gray's catalogue. Whether contrasting lush, deeply emotional orchestral textures with stark ensemble drumming or a poignant, muted trumpet blowing a eulogy beside hypnotic, trance grooves, the music perfectly mirrors the film's dark heart and prayers of hope. Gray's orchestral and vocal collaborations with brilliant Chant Artist, Earthman, which bookend the production, are simply stunning!

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