"A Really Big Musical Tribute"

Grammy-nominated producer Leib Ostrow and acclaimed songwriter/producer Jody Gray present Music for Little People's first collaboration with Scholastic Entertainment, "Clifford The Big Red Dog -- A Really Big Musical Tribute."

Music for Little People releases first ever Clifford CD
The CD features original songs written by Mike Himelstein ("Shrek," "102 Dalmatians"), Jody Gray and David Steven Cohen ("Clifford's Really Big Movie,"") and Grammy and Emmy award-winner Dennis Scott ("Sesame Street"). There are also featured audio clips by Clifford's best friends, Emily Elizabeth (Grey De Lisle), T-Bone (Kel Mitchell) and Cleo (Cree Summer), the television show's star characters.

From the album's opening featuring the new revision of the television program theme song, "Clifford The Big Red Dog," written by Mark Motherspaugh (formerly of Devo), to the album's finale, "Once Upon A Lullaby," many of the lyrics (included in the CD packaging), center around the concepts and behaviors that have endeared Clifford to the world: Believe In Yourself, Be A Good Friend, Help Others, Be Kind.

The album concept was created in response to the popularity of Clifford The Big Red Dog by Music for Little People and Scholastic and is being released in conjunction with the home video release of "Clifford's Really Big Movie" (featuring well-loved John Ritter in his last movie performance). With over 110 million books in print, his own television series, a new movie and a variety of videos, toys and plush on the market, "Clifford The Big Red Dog -- A Really Big Musical Tribute" is just what his fans have been waiting for.

Common Sense Review

Reviewed By: Christine Walker and Dennis Hysom

....The rap "Big Big Big Red Dog" and the jazzy bebop "What Dogs Like"... ask questions and answer them with catchy lyrics. Yes! Clifford is "bigger than a snail, bigger than a whale...bigger than a goose, bigger than a moose." He is not, however, gigantic "like the Pacific or Atlantic." We know "Dogs like chewing stuff," but "Does the stuff like getting chewed?" These fresh takes on doggy knowledge are fun and in-the-pocket for young children, with repetition likely to capture their interest.

Various singers represent Clifford's troupe of characters ... the productions are peppy, mostly pop. For variety there's the jaunty calypso "Birdwell Island," and a sweet, squeaky high solo lullaby with guitar end the album...."