Owner and Chief Composer
Gray Noise Music

´ I realized I wanted to be in animation when I saw:
ÍDaffy blown up and blackened w/beak turned around. Then completely unhurt in the following scene. Aha! Immortality.

´ When I was a kid I:
a) drew everything
b) made my own comicbook
c) animated with my parents' stopframe Super 8 camera (mainly of dinosaurs)
d) organized other kids in the neighborhood
e) spent too much time in my room
f) ALL OF THE ABOVE other (please elaborate): made up perverse lyrics to the "I'm Goin' Koo Koo" song.

´ My parents wanted me to be:
Ínot homeless

´ My first job (of any kind) was:
Íat a car wash for (almost) one day. Accidentally ripped a customers front fender off.

´ My first big break in animation was:
Íscoring John R. Dilworth's first Noodles & Nedd short in '95 or '96.

´ My career in animation is most influenced by:
ÍCarl Stalling and 1940's WB cartoons in general and Stanley Kubrick.

´ I'm most proud of:
Írecently: Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes " The Tower Of Dr. Zalost," "Human Habitrail," and "The Ride Of the Valkyries."

´ One thing I would change about the animation business is:
Íhire more orchestras and then hire me to write 'n conduct for them.

´ The animated character I'm most like is:
ÍPepe Le Pew: "Romantic and Oblivious"

´ What I'd like to be doing in 10 years:
Íthe same only more so. And for lots more money.

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